How Yoga helped me to be off antidepressants and in tune with my body

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As an outsider looking in, even as a child I was always looking for my niche. I was born and raised in Southern California till the age of 9 before my family packed us up and moved us near Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. Although it was beautiful here, I didn't really fit in. I was athletic and boyish and not very socially experienced. I struggled through my childhood and barely graduated high school. I didn't even begin college till the age of 30. By then I had been divorced with two children and a niece to care for. Growing up as a single mother was not easy.

I've been a nursing assistant since the age of 18 and felt that at age 30 it was time to further my career and become a Registered Nurse. Little did I know that school was only going to progressively make me worse. I was depressed and had been taking medication for it. I also spent 2 years in college taking prerequisites. By the time I made it through my classes required for nursing, I discovered through time that this is not what I wanted. I couldn't fathom the thought of continuing to pursue something that was not going to make me happy. I still wanted to be a nursing assistant at the hospital where I worked and  I was fine with that. However I was really disappointed I had accrued school debt with no diploma to show for it. I fell into a further depression. 

It wasn't till September of 2015 that I had started to finally succumb to the yoga pictures and videos I saw on Instagram. When I first came across these beautiful pictures, I never thought I'd ever be able to even come close to being able to do some of the poses like crow, headstands and such. I began my home practice by November and had spent hours online researching tips to begin my own practice at home. The start of December I was lucky enough to meet a few yogis who were able to help me hands on with some techniques for arm balances and inversions. By February I was completely obsessed with my practice.  I felt like my soul was slapping me in the face telling me "HEY, you found your niche in life!" I spent 4-5 hours daily on my home practice learning yoga flows, inversions, asanas, Hatha yoga and recently Pranayama. Eager to learn Sanskrit and more about the science and benefits of yoga I purchased all books need for Yoga Teacher Training. 

In April I had spent many hours online researching schools for YTT and what it would take to practice around the world as a yoga instructor. I found Three Trees Yoga in Washington state as a perfect fit for my learning needs. I have been off anti depressants since January of 2016 and have been more in tune with my body than I have my whole life. I begin YTT in January of 2017. I am chasing my dreams to become a nationally known as a yoga instructor. I want to continue to help heal people the same way I was able to heal myself. I have joined the yoga community on Instagram to extend my outreach and offer any help or tips to anyone who seeks help. I am excited to announce that I hosted my first two challenges on Instagram in August and September and plan to keep hosting more, and Love Tucketts has so graciously agreed to sponsor us and help me chase my dreams. 

Fitness is more than something I do, but something I am.




“When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it” [Paulo Coelho] This is exactly what happened for me in my life. 

When I was 13, I was diagnosed with a condition called fibromyalgia, which is basically a full body, chronic, system shutdown. My body, muscles, joints didn’t like to work. I was prescribed heavy painkillers, but didn’t want to take a pharmaceutical route and tried things my own way. It took a long time, but after many years I was able to live a fit lifestyle once again through natural supplements, dietary changes, Pilates, kettlebell sport, yoga, and running, all of which I believe has brought me back up from my chronic pain and keeps me in a pain free, manageable, fit, and healthy lifestyle.


How I found love in a Pilates Studio




I grew up in the warm embrace of the east coast of Florida. Nestled near the ocean and hugged by two rivers, my little town of Merritt Island was an idyllic place to be a kid. There was always somewhere to play, run, swim, surf or daydream.

Like many little girls, my mom started me in ballet around age five. I quickly grew tired of it and insisted on quitting. Even at a young age I knew what I wanted! I swapped dance for gymnastics and competed all around the state until age 11. But like ballet, I began to grow tired of gymnastics and had seen my next movement calling: the stage.

What would you do if you couldn't fail?




It's a big question - maybe not one you've asked yourself before. So often, we're programmed to think of difficulty and negativity first. The more we think that way, the more it becomes our mindset.

That's why a question like this - what would you do if you couldn't fail? - can be so striking. It comes from a place of possibility, strength, openness.

30 Years+ of Dance Evolution




I have been dancing since I was 4.  I was born and raised in Ireland and started with Irish dancing, later moving on to jazz and contemporary.  I studied International Marketing, German & French in college, worked for a few years in Germany after college and then left it then to follow my desire to be in theatre.  I moved to the UK, completed an MA in Contemporary Theatre Practice and then attended drama school at Arts Educational Schools in London.

After a few years in London combining working in the graphics department of a bank with performing in theatre, doing voiceovers and teaching drama and dance, I applied for the green card lottery, amazingly got one and I moved to New York.