In moments of unexpected changes what opens new horizons in most cases is our love and passion for particular things.  Our founder, Paola, was going through one of those moments where new changes in her life brought her closer to her own heart and gave her the opportunity to rediscover her passions: love for socks, learning more about sustainability and trying new workouts.

It was one summer day after a short visit to Nantucket Island that Tucketts was born.  After many tests on the design and a thorough search for the right factory, team and best way to give back, Tucketts launched its first collection during the fall 2014 together with its Socks for Peace initiative.  Tucketts are quality toe-less socks that inspire happiness, confidence, and commitment.


Tucketts footwear are exclusively for practitioners of barefoot activities, who are looking to gain more stability during workouts and to protect their feet while building confidence without giving up the barefoot sensation of freedom and balance.


Choosing the right factory was our first step in establishing Tucketts. Finding the right manufacturer who shares our values of protecting workers, helping communities, and attention to environmental impact was essential. It was a long search to find the right factory, but we are happy with our choice in South America. Our factory works under strict ethical standards and a tight-knit web of suppliers.



Each step of production from growing the cotton to knitting to packaging are all done within a small geographical space. This translates into a lower  carbon footprint and increased efficency and control over the finished product.


We believe in the balance between people, planet, and profit. The selection process of the factory to manufacture Tucketts was rigorous and long. We decided to make the “people” part of the equation our priority to start. The factory is fully engaged with the W.R.A.P. ethical principles (World Wide Responsible Apparel Production).  In terms of the environment, it  belongs to a local clean production agreement, signed with private entities, government organizations and productive sectors that manage the country's sustainable development. It also has the ISO 14001 certification in environmental management and has implemented practices that aim to minimize the impact on environment from processes and wastes.

Diversification: We strongly believe in diversification of the apparel industry in order to increase sustainability of manufacturing. Another reason why we were initially attracted to South America was to help support emerging manufacturing regions.



We were determined to have sustainable packaging 100% tree-free paper. Our aim is to use the minimum amount of paper to hold and display each pair of our socks. The packaging is made from 100% sugar cane fiber. The fiber is the residue from the sugar cane refining process; totally free of harmful dyes and chlorine bleach. It is completely biodegradable and recyclable.  Likewise, the envelopes used to mail the socks are made from Post-consumer & post-industrial material.