Fall Into The Dunes With Tucketts and Plant a Tree!

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A new season means new natural colors, and that means pure inspiration for a new Fall line of Tucketts toeless socks. This fall, our latest line of Tucketts is inspired by the vastness of the world’s deserts and all the beauty that they bring. 

When people think of the desert, they often think of hot, dry, earth-colored sand dunes that go on for miles and miles in southern areas. But this is just a basic understanding of everything a desert ecosystem has to offer. The desert is not just a small, rare region found in the environment. Deserts actually make up one-third of Earth’s surface. In order for an area to be considered a desert, it must receive less than 10 inches of precipitation in a typical year. Due to this threshold, it is easy to see how many areas can be considered desert regions. 

Another contradictory belief of deserts is that they are all hot and lifeless. The truth is, deserts can be cold in temperature, and some plants and animals thrive in the desert ecosystem. Cold deserts, like the Gobi, can see winter temperatures that go as low as -2C. Deserts can also be categorized as coastal, semi-arid, or hot and dry like the typical depiction. 

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So why are deserts so important, and why were they the inspiration for the Tucketts fall line? Tucketts strives to bring awareness to all the important ecosystems and natural elements in the world that are often taken for granted, and the desert is definitely one of these areas. Deserts are so important to the environment because they bring a wealth of minerals and plants that are not only essential to our well-being, but also have benefits that are yet to be seen. Desert regions hold 50 percent of the world’s copper and 75 percent of the world’s oil reserve. Gold and diamonds can also be found in desert regions.

As for plant life, many plants that have learned to adapt to desert regions are being discovered to have health benefits for human beings. Many of these discoveries are still under research, but it just goes to show how important desert ecosystems are and why they should not be neglected. 

Tucketts finds beauty in every form of nature, and this season’s line of toeless socks brings awareness to the beautiful deserts of the world. Each toeless sock design was inspired, and named, by one of the world’s deserts. Some of these deserts are in danger, and the colors of their ecosystems have altered due to climate change. So, bringing awareness and honor to these areas is more important than ever!

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We will plant a tree on your behalf!
Every pair of Tucketts bought will contribute towards our TuckettsforTrees Program. We are partnering with Groasis contributing to replant the most unique, special and mostly dry areas on the world. Starting in the Sahara region!

Here is a sneak peek at the new Fall into the Dunes collection:

Our Allegro, Anklet, and Ballerina fall socks are representing the Sahara, Patagonia, Atacama, and Mojavi deserts.

Our Knee High socks and Leg Warmers are representing the Colorado, Gobi, Tanami, and Thar desert areas.

We hope the Tucketts toeless socks desert-inspired line helps you to fall more in love with this precious and beautiful ecosystem. We encourage you to research the deserts, understand their wealth and beauty, and appreciate all that they are.


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Toe-tally in Bloom

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After a blustery cold winter, in which mother nature laid a thick white blanket across the nation, and unrelenting rainfalls left some of us seriously contemplating building an ark…the summer months are here! What’s the best way to enjoy the warm? A new collection! Toe-tally in Bloom is the newest collection and heralds  signs of boldness, possibility, and the emergence of something fresh and new.  We see the flower blooms and smiles of summer, and celebrate our love of color and vitality.

The idea behind this new collection is to highlight the importance of nature, and salute the bees and their work in bringing flowers into bloom and food on our plates! As we mentioned in our blog, TUCKETTS FOR EVERYONE LIFESTYLE, sustainability is a major focus for our brand. Tucketts is devoted to recognizing and giving back to causes that keep our planet beautiful. After all, if we don’t take care of our planet, no one else will.

Our new Toe-tally in Bloom Collection pays homage to the blooming season and the countless time and dedication mother nature works to create a beautiful summer…and in particular, the beloved BEE!

Bee the Inspiration


To be fully sustainable, it means our planet needs to work to avoid the depletion of our natural resources. Avoiding depletion does not just mean avoiding things that take away from the environmental balance of our planet. It also means returning resources back to nature, and doing whatever we can to preserve the elements that maintain our ecological balance.

Tucketts takes this belief very seriously, and our Toe-tally in Bloom Collection is designed to stand behind (and in) what we believe in. Our focus this season is on the essential bees that pollinate our plants and crops. In a recent publication made by Friends of the Earth, it is stated that bees and other pollinators help create about one-third of what we eat. The alarming part is that their existence is under constant threat due to toxic pesticides and other factors like parasites and climate shifts. Although we may not be able to help with natural parists, humans can help prevent the use of toxic chemicals and lessening population due to climate.

Why do we want to help prevent the extinction of bees? According to the People Pollinators Action Network, pollinators like bees are responsible for most of our plant reproduction. Protecting these honey bees will maintain the biodiversity of our planet and keep our crops growing.

For these reasons, every pair of Tucketts you buy from the first batch/production of our Toe-tally in Bloom Collection, contributes to help maintain our bee population! We are committed to give a portion of the proceeds from this collection to this amazing cause.

Giving Back


Since our Toe-tally in Bloom Collection is inspired by flowers, bees, and fields, it only seems fitting that a portion of our proceeds will go toward a bee conservancy. The Honeybee Conservancy is an organization that focuses on the sustainability of bee sanctuaries, local food, education, and outreach on these topics. The organization also offers a wonderful opportunity for individuals to sponsor a hive.

The Sponsor-A-Hive program places honey bees in neighborhoods that need them. These include areas with a high population of low-income housing and senior citizens. The goal is to help produce healthy food for individuals who live in these areas, and their efforts are paying off. Evidence has shown these efforts have increased food production in the areas the honey bees are placed by 71%!

Not only do we at Tucketts hope our contributions support this outstanding organization, but we hope it inspires you to purchase from our collection to support the organization as well.


Which Bloom design is toe-tally your favorite? We would love for you to tell us!

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Pilates, Feet, and Tucketts Toe Free Socks

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Our clients use our toe free socks for so many different exercises and activities. In previous posts, we discussed how our toeless socks can support yoga exercises, and how they can keep feet safe and supported during barre workouts. Now we will take a closer look at how Tucketts toe free socks can do the same during Pilates.

Feet are the core foundational landmarks of the body and have so many complex tendons, bones, and fascia elements that it is crucial to maintain them. In our post, Tucketts and Feet, we provide a glimpse of how each small foot element comes together to help with movement and mobility.

Similarly, Pilates exercises are designed to pull together intricate movement principles to create a solid foundation for the entire body. The founder of the Pilates Method of exercise, Joseph Pilates, combined his knowledge of circus training, boxing, and self-defense to build this method of movement in the 1920s. As the method evolved, Pilates increased his emphasis on the inclusion of principles such as flow, control, and centering, amongst others. Based on these ideas, it is easy to see how the exercises can be applied to the movement of feet.

Expert Pilates instructor and founder of FEET-NESS, Ilaria Cavagna, is quoted to say that once she started focusing on training her clients’ feet, their entire bodies began to transform. In her innovative, pilates-infused, foot-focused fitness program, Cavagna emphasizes centering just like Joseph Pilates. She states that with the average human body taking between 5,000 and 10,000 steps per day, stretching and strengthening the feet is vital to physical health. Luckily, Pilates exercises are known for successfully combining muscle activation and stretch in almost every movement.

Ilaria has generously offered you some discounts in celebration of Pilates Day on May 4th! Get a RESCUE LOOP (or anything in the store) for 20% off with code  TUCKETTS20

She’s also offering $50 OFF for the FEET-NESS Instructor Training Program online with code TUCKETTS (When you purchase the program RESCUE LOOP is included!)

With such a strong link between feet, PIlates movement, and health, it seems natural that our clients would use Tucketts in their practice. Let’s take a look at how our toeless socks move with Pilates.

Pilates and Feet Align

Alignment is key to proper foot functionality. It is also a key component to Pilates exercises. Ilaria Cavagna believes that proper alignment and posture are essential to a pain-free life. As we highlighted in our post on Tucketts and Feet, alignment begins with the feet and our toeless socks are uniquely designed for this kind of support.

In every Pilates movement, whether standing, kneeling, or lying down, proper alignment is addressed and corrected. Over time, our bodies tend to become misaligned from daily activities like sitting at desks, driving, standing all day, and carrying bags. Simply “standing up straight” will not lead to overall proper alignment. Pilates exercises focus on the proper placement of every part of the body to correct these misalignments and help with proper gait.

Tucketts toe free socks also help support alignment. Our supportive arch and ankle designs, like those found in our knee high socks, make it possible for Pilates instructors to notice dips in shifts in the feet. These elements also help clients feel where they need to focus their training to strengthen their feet and improve their posture.


Free Toes Improve Pilates

In order to achieve proper alignment, Joseph Pilates and his predecessors created different types of apparatus that assist in movement. Each piece of equipment is designed to help place the body where it needs to be. The equipment, as well as the movements, demand complete concentration in order to be successful. Having full mobility in the feet and hands while performing these exercises is necessary.

Whether our clients are using the chair, reformer, cadillac, or foot corrector, Tucketts toe free design allows for full foot articulation. The ability to move and grip with the toes is needed for specific exercises like foot work on the Pilates reformer or Wunda chair.

Also, the substantial grips on the bottoms of the Tucketts socks provides slide resistance during exercises like side splits or bridging on the reformer. The stability provided by the sock ensures safety on the equipment as well as support through the movement.

This is just a small taste of the connection between feet and Pilates, and how Tucketts can make that connection even better.


What Pilates exercises or equipment do you use your Tucketts for?

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Nude for Everyone: Tucketts Toe Free Sock Style

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Each season we look deeply at our customer requests and draw inspiration for new, unique toeless grip sock designs. For our new line, we decided to combine a frequent client request with the people who wear them.

Over the years we have had many requests for Tucketts open toe socks in a nude shade. However, as you know, part of our Tucketts for Everyone Lifestyle is to be ALL inclusive. So creating a single shade to represent our interpretation of “nude” just didn’t seem like the direction we wanted to take.

As we analyzed the need and potential success of the design, we had a hard time choosing a “nude” color. We want our toeless socks to represent everything we stand for, and we quickly realized that one nude color would leave out far too many people. We did not want a nude for ONE...we wanted a nude for EVERYONE!

From the very beginning of our company launch, we have used the hashtag #tuckettsforeveryone because we stay true to our belief that diversity and inclusion of all people is our number one priority. This line is another example of our devotion to this value.

So we decided to make a five nude shade collection that represents a vast majority of the clients we serve. We know there are so many more skin colors, all unique and beautiful in their own ways, but we narrowed it down to five to coincide with some of the women we admire.

Here are some of the women who helped inspire this inclusive new line


From left to right


Grace is a professional marathon runner from Kenya who is currently training in the United States and studying business. Her grace, beauty, and tenacity can be seen in every race she runs, and her dedication is admirable. She can be found on Instagram at @gracekahura_254.


Leontyne is a mom of two and the founder of Lisbeth Joe, a chic and fashionable barefoot-inspired shoe. When she’s not reinventing footwear, she is also a chartered accountant. Check out her fashion on Instagram at @lisbeth.joe.


Paola is our fearless leader here at Tucketts. Paola is a mother, business owner, philanthropist, and adventurer, and she wears each hat seamlessly. The Tucketts brand is the product of her dreams, and for that we are thankful.


Dunia is a mom of three who converted to Islam 8 years ago. She has a deep love for fashion and can be found on Instagram @dunias_style.


Kate was once a fashion model who walked the runways of New York and abroad. Today she has decided to use her years of knowledge to work as a fashion brand consultant. She can be found on Instagram at @katedollface.

These five women are just some of the people who motivate and energize us to continue to develop designs we can stand behind. We hope you can find a shade in our new Nude for Everyone collection that you connect with. But above all else, we hope this collection encourages you to embrace and love the skin that nature gave you, and the skin of EVERYONE who crosses your path (or your life).

Who’s ready to go nude with us? Tell us what you love about your skin in the comments below and tag us in your pics wearing the new Nude for Everyone Collection! We can’t wait to see the skin you’re in.


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2 Factors in the Relationship Between Yoga and Feet

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Here at Tucketts, we pride ourselves on truly understanding our toeless socks and the oh-so-important feet they cover. In a previous post, Tucketts and Feet, we shared the significance of this pair of body parts and how our brand helps to support them…and YOU!

But how do our uniquely designed socks help with specific types of movement? Well, in order to understand that, we need to understand the movements associated with different types of popular Tucketts use.

It has become apparently clear through customer reviews and Instagram highlights that yogis LOVE including our Tucketts toeless socks in their daily yoga practice. This isn’t a huge surprise given that as of 2016, over 37 million people in the United States alone regularly practice yoga. And since yoga is practiced all over the world, it only makes sense that one of our largest customer groups are yoga-lovers.

Yoga places a large emphasis on using feet in many of its asanas. Having the ability to move the feet freely and accurately while practicing ensures that the movements are being performed to their fullest and injury can be avoided.

So, let’s take a closer look at two factors in the relationship between yoga and feet.

Feet Support Yoga Movement


According to yoga experts, the feet help support a variety of yoga poses. Some of these include standing poses, such as Trikasana (Tree), Garudasana (eagle), and Natarajasana (Dancer). In these poses, the feet work as the solid foundation for the body.

Steady feet also help to stabilize other poses such as backbends (Wheel and Bridges) and forward bends. When moving the spine in these ways, finding foundation in both the feet and the hands is vital to maintaining the pose. Having the ability to grip the ground is essential.

Feet with grip are especially important for often used Adho Mukha Svanasana(Downward Dog), 3-legged Dog, lunges, and triangle poses, where slippage can cause injury if your feet are not stable. Injuries such as sprains or pulled ligaments can be avoided.

Yoga Supports the Feet


Yoga also provides valuable assistance to proper foot functionality. Nimble bending and strengthening of the foot and toe muscles is required for walking, running, and jumping. However, in order to achieve optimal foot movement, the tendons and fascia need to be lubricated, pliable, and strong. This is where yoga can help, and Tucketts only make it better. The support Tucketts provides in critical locations specifically designed into the sock supports foot and yogi movement exactly where it is needed.  

Finally, poses like Downward-Facing Dog and Dolphin also help with stretching the Achilles Tendon. Staying flexible through the Achilles Tendon could help avoid a devastating and long-term injury to this critical Tendon.

There are many other factors in the relationship between yoga and feet, but the points mentioned above demonstrate just how the two can rely on each other. Tucketts toeless socks can help your yoga practice safely thrive.


What are some of your favorite yoga poses to do in your Tucketts?

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