From TV Star to CEO: Sonia’s Path to Success


I’ll never forget the afternoon I sat in my living room in New Jersey, the day before I drove across the country to Hollywood. More than anything, I wanted to act, to be a star—yet it was such a big risk. I was terrified.

Growing up in a family of doctors, professors, and engineers, acting didn’t seem like it was even an option.

Looking back, I realize I was using mindset tools like visualizations and goal-setting even before I knew what they were. I knew I had to get in the car and drive west—I needed to pursue my passion. I could see myself doing it. I knew what I had to do. And somewhere deep down, despite the fear and unknown, I believed it was possible.

Visualization, goal-setting, affirmations—those are the things that helped me each step of the way, from New Jersey to California, and beyond.

Once I got to Hollywood, I’d visualize myself playing the role—what did it feel like, look like, sound like to be her? And by combining that visual with action—taking steps, taking risks, rehearsing for hours on end—I did it. I landed the role of Lucy Cooper on Guiding Light.

I attribute my success to a mix of action and visualization, plus emotion. You need all three to accomplish a goal. Visualization is so important—but you can’t just sit in your closet all day, seeing yourself succeed. You have to go out and work. And the emotional component, that’s where it really gets into your body. That’s where the passion and the commitment come in.

After Guiding Light, I returned to the East Coast to star in One Life to Live, and soon after that, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Kaya. I was so overcome with gratitude that I felt I had to give back.

I’d always benefited immensely from having a life coach, so I decided to become one myself. I wanted to help other people live the life they really wanted. In coaching, I once again saw the power of those mindset tools—not only had they brought me to new heights and new places, but now I saw the huge difference they made in other people’s lives, too.

In fact, mindset is so important to me that I created my whole business around it. Moticise – motivational exercise - is a fitness program that combines physical exercises with mindset tools, in order to help you identify your goals and really go for what you want—all while getting in shape.
You don’t have to be an athlete or a mindset guru to try it. It’s actually quite simple, and fun. Try this: Get up, walk around, and imagine yourself living that life you love.

You don’t have to be an athlete or a mindset guru to try it. It’s actually quite simple, and fun. Try this: Get up, walk around, and imagine yourself living that life you love.


Move however your body wants to move. Stretch, twist, whatever.

Let your mind wander. Forget all the limits and voices that say you can’t—just for right now, imagine that life where you’re fulfilled, successful, energized, happy.

How do you walk in that life? How does your body feel?Go deeper. Listen to what your imagination - and your body - tell you.What are you doing that makes you so excited, you jump out of bed in the morning? Who’s around you? Where are you? What are you wearing?
When you’re ready, come back to center, but don’t lose that sense of freedom and possibility. Take it with you, wherever you go today, whatever you do.

What's one thing you can do TODAY to make it your reality?
(To go deeper into this exercise, head over to www.moticise.com and download the guided visualization—it’s free, and it comes with a workbook to help you get started!)

My journey from New Jersey to Hollywood to Manhattan is an unlikely one. Each of my successes, though, have one thing in common: aligning the mind and body. Every film shoot, every business meeting, and every triathlon I’ve done were the result of hard work that harnessed both mind and body.

When you combine action, emotion, and vision, you are unstoppable.

As founder of Moticise, I’m always trying new types of workouts. I love the free, light, open feeling of wearing my Tucketts. They help me visualize taking the next “steps” to a bright and exciting future.

Go out and shine.


Want to try it?

Here are some easy and fun ways to add mindset tools to your workout. Do each action for about a minute—but don’t worry about counting.

  • Jog in place. What is one goal you’re working toward, right now? While you’re jogging, see that goal—feel it, visualize in as much detail as you can.
  • Lunges. What is one thing you can do today to move closer to that goal? See yourself doing it. Whether it’s picking up the phone, redoing your resume, or throwing out the junk food in your fridge—envision yourself finishing it. Feel the progress you’re making.
  • Squat jumps (jump up; land in a squat). What do you already have in place to help you reach that goal? Grab those things—pull them in, however big or small! An idea, the desire, the will; life experience, a degree, a support system? Knowledge or expertise? Keep going—what else?
  • Climb a ladder (jog in place; reaching up with your hands). What will be the next step, once that first action is completed? Choose another action and see yourself doing it.

You’ve seen it, you’ve felt it—now go make it happen!