Rachel and Barre & Brunch!


I’m Rachel, creator of Barre & Brunch, a health and fitness blog featuring delicious, nutritious food and fun ways to get in shape and stay fit.  I have always loved learning about exercise, cooking, and overall health.  In college, I chose electives like yoga, running, pilates, and self-defense as a way to have fun and stay active while obtaining my accounting degree.  When I graduated college, I became a CPA and moved to Maryland.  I continued taking as many group fitness classes as I could squeeze into my schedule and found my love of Barre about two years ago.  I quickly decided to become a barre instructor because I wanted to bring my love for health and fitness to a classroom environment and inspire students to have fun and enjoy being active! 

I love barre because it is not your typical workout.  Instead of grabbing the heaviest weights you can find, we use light weights – only 2 to 3 pounds.  But those light weights become heavy quickly, as anyone who has taken a barre class will tell you.  The workout focuses on small, isometric movements that will fatigue your muscles and leave you wanting more!  It’s unlike any other workout I’ve ever done.  My biggest tip for anyone wanting to try barre is to focus on keeping good form throughout the class.  Listen to the instructor, who will give you cues on keeping good form to help you target the proper muscles for each move and more importantly, keep you from getting injured.

When I was approached to be an ambassador for Tucketts, I was thrilled!  I use grippy socks almost every time I take a barre class to keep my feet from slipping during the moves.  I also love that they are toe-less.  It gives my toes a free feeling and lets me easily see them to check my alignment.   I also love the Tucketts brand. They are committed to sustainability, helping communities, and social responsibility.  I encourage everyone to learn more about this brand and support it’s initiatives by purchasing a pair of socks today!