30 Years+ of Dance Evolution


I have been dancing since I was 4.  I was born and raised in Ireland and started with Irish dancing, later moving on to jazz and contemporary.  I studied International Marketing, German & French in college, worked for a few years in Germany after college and then left it then to follow my desire to be in theatre.  I moved to the UK, completed an MA in Contemporary Theatre Practice and then attended drama school at Arts Educational Schools in London.

After a few years in London combining working in the graphics department of a bank with performing in theatre, doing voiceovers and teaching drama and dance, I applied for the green card lottery, amazingly got one and I moved to New York.

I continued working in the graphics department of the NYC branch of the same bank while navigating the New York theatre scene.  I also taught dance and drama, did voiceovers, took lots of dance and yoga classes.  Then a few years ago, some friends of mine started to take barre classes and encouraged me to try barre as they thought I would love it.  I had to wait a few months until I had recovered sufficiently after a rotator cuff surgery. I was immediately hooked.  Not only did it help immensely with the rehabilitation of my shoulder post-surgery but I loved that it was a dance based workout to high-energy music and hit all the core muscle groups.  The focus on form and small isometric movements without impact to the joints helping to create strong bodies makes it a wonderful workout.  And you don't need to ever have danced to enjoy it.  I have participated in some triathlons and marathons over the past couple of years and it’s a wonderful cross training for these sports.

After a few months, I decided I wanted to train to be a barre instructor.  I got certified in Tracey Mallett's bootybarre® in 2013 and have been teaching ever since.  I still work in graphics during the day and teach 4 nights a week and a couple of weekends a month at various locations in and around NYC — Pier 60 Barre at Chelsea Piers; Life in Motion Studio in NYC and JC Barre Studio in Jersey City.

I came across Tucketts via a post from Barre and Brunch on Instagram and purchased a pair.  I love that the socks are toeless so that you still have that freedom and the grips maintain their "grip-ability", something which many other socks sorely lack.  In addition, it is a socially conscious brand and I love the creative designs.