Entrepreneur Hilary Star de Roy Finds Peace Through Yoga


Life is not a constant. It is always changing, like nature.


My instructor Regina of Gritty Buddha always reminds me of this; of how yoga teaches us to roll with the changes and be fluid. The tighter we hold onto things, the less happy we will be. Not everyday will be a “good day” and that is okay. The days that I practice are the days it is easier to remember these truths.

I feel that everyone could benefit from practicing yoga, but this is a recent revelation for me. I used to be anti-yoga, thinking it was a waste of my valuable time. If I had an hour to spare, I was at the gym, sweating on the treadmill or taking a high impact class like Zumba. I first tried a Vinyasa yoga class 6 months ago when my dear friend opened a studio close to my house in Glen Cove, NY. It left me in a puddle on the floor, in the best way possible!

It didn’t take long before I was hooked. I started breathing deeper, staying calmer when dealing with my kids, husband, and business. I felt more in control of the fact that I really had no control of external sources.


I spent my career in fashion and left the industry to raise my children. When I started my own clothing and accessories business, Royal Native, I struggled with feeling overwhelmed and would get overly stressed out over the fact that it wasn’t growing fast enough and I didn’t have enough time. Yoga has really put things in perspective for me. If I take an hour to myself and practice yoga and breathe, I am able to focus better and work efficiently. The things that don’t really matter fall to the wayside. I have come to realize (although it’s still a struggle sometimes) that what needs to get done will get done. And if I slow down and breathe, life becomes clearer.

One thing that always distracted me while practicing yoga was the fact that my feet slipped when I was in certain poses. Tucketts made me so much more comfortable and therefore able to stay in the moment and remember to breathe. I love the cute stripes too! As a fellow female entrepreneur and business owner, I love supporting small sustainable women-run companies as much as possible.

My advice to those new to the practice is: Keep with it when you are starting out! Even if it is 5 minutes a day, stretch and breathe and do it again the next day. Also find a teacher that you connect with, it makes all the difference!