Kate Symons: Persevere. We’re all challenged by something. 


Kate Symons


If I had to choose one word that has carried me through some of the most challenging moments in my life, it would be perseverance.  It has come to define not only my Pilates practice, but my Pilates instruction as well…and pretty much everything in between. 

I came to Pilates several years ago in the hopes that it would relieve my chronic neck and back discomfort and hopefully introduce me to a fitter lifestyle in the process.  I was pleasantly surprised that it delivered on all accounts.  In fact, I enjoyed my Reformer Pilates classes so much that I decided to become a trained and certified Pilates instructor myself. 

I found Pilates at a time in my life when I was experiencing a great deal of transition.  I was a graduate student embarking on an international move.  Pilates became my outlet for stress, disappointment, and fun.  I was fortunate to have some very talented instructors along the way, and today I’m happy to say that each one has helped to shape me into the instructor I have become. 

I teach Pilates not only because I believe in it’s proven physical benefits, but because it gave me the gift of self confidence during a time when my own was wavering.  Pilates empowered me.  As I grew physically stronger with each Pilates class I took, my self confidence began to thrive.  Yes, I could now hold a plank, but it was more than just what my abs were able to do:  My mind was telling me I could it! 

I wanted to challenge myself and I wanted to succeed.  Now when I teach my clients, I do so to impart self-worth, self-belief, and self-satisfaction.  I want my clients to experience the same personal growth I experienced as a result of my consistent Pilates practice. 

Pilates has introduced to me some of my dearest friends, including Sylvia Ostrowska owner of Pilates By Sylvia in New York City.  I owe my introduction to Tucketts socks all to Sylvia who wears them like the Pilates Queen she is.  Tucketts have improved my Pilates practice by giving me stability when I’m sweating like a beast in a Russian Split on the Reformer, and make my feet look fashionable while doing so!

My Pilates practice has taken me on international adventures and given me a reason to value myself and my own personal strength.  When I teach, I remember that we’re all challenged by something.  Usually we’re fighting with ourselves to achieve an outcome. For me, Pilates is about feeling good.  Sure, I have moments of frustration, disappointment, and defeat, but when I get on a Reformer, all of that dissipates.  I persevere, make it through the workout, and have the benefit of knowing that I do indeed embody strength (even in my weakest moments). 

I am excited to see where my Pilates journey takes me and I’ll happily do it all while wearing a my Tucketts! 

To everyone out there who is going through something…keep going.  You’ll get there.