30 Years+ of Dance Evolution




I have been dancing since I was 4.  I was born and raised in Ireland and started with Irish dancing, later moving on to jazz and contemporary.  I studied International Marketing, German & French in college, worked for a few years in Germany after college and then left it then to follow my desire to be in theatre.  I moved to the UK, completed an MA in Contemporary Theatre Practice and then attended drama school at Arts Educational Schools in London.

After a few years in London combining working in the graphics department of a bank with performing in theatre, doing voiceovers and teaching drama and dance, I applied for the green card lottery, amazingly got one and I moved to New York.

Rachel and Barre & Brunch!




I’m Rachel, creator of Barre & Brunch, a health and fitness blog featuring delicious, nutritious food and fun ways to get in shape and stay fit.  I have always loved learning about exercise, cooking, and overall health.  In college, I chose electives like yoga, running, pilates, and self-defense as a way to have fun and stay active while obtaining my accounting degree.  When I graduated college, I became a CPA and moved to Maryland.  I continued taking as many group fitness classes as I could squeeze into my schedule and found my love of Barre about two years ago.  I quickly decided to become a barre instructor because I wanted to bring my love for health and fitness to a classroom environment and inspire students to have fun and enjoy being active!