Move. Nourish. Wander.




Move. Nourish. Wander. Those three key elements have shaped the way I view the world and myself. Twelve years ago, at the age of twenty, I knew I wanted to study abroad, not only to explore a new part of the globe but also to dive deep into my inner world.

During the first year of college I lost my roots, like most college kids experience. I did everything to the extreme. I studied hard. I worked hard. I partied hard and I worked out really hard. I was raised in a healthy and earthy family who gardened every summer and found myself emotionally overeating and drinking, trying to overcome past wounds and barriers.

On my twentieth birthday, I landed in Australia with hopes and dreams of living a better, healthier life, specifically through my travel journal. I began practicing yoga and during savasana, tears streamed down myself in some subconscious way of letting go and forgiving those who have wronged me. I noticed how the earth and nature flowed at the rhythm of it’s own beat. It’s as if nature had its own wisdom. But, everything was symbolic. No matter how many times I fell off the surfboard, I stood up and tried again and again and again.

This experience inspired me to apply for fellowship where I was awarded funds to pursue my project of backpacking and studying yoga in India. At twenty-two, I ventured into one of the most amazing, yet chaotic, experiences of my life. With only four students in the course, we engaged in one of the most authentic and pure lineages of yoga in Southern India. At twenty-three I moved back to Australia and furthered my studies in Asia and while living in the Yoga for Daily Life ashram in Brisbane.

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Between twenty-nine and thirty years old, I lived in Hannover, Germany and explored my Eastern European roots. This is the time where I decided to expand upon my writing through launching a blog and self-publishing my book, Finding Om: An Indian Journey of Rickshaws, Chai, Chapattis and Gurus.  Beyond publishing, I wrote a second book, which is a dairy-free cookbook.

The common thread and connection between all these cultures is that there is ancient wisdom waiting to be explored. Whether it’s an Ayurvedic, dosha-balancing meal or a festival that celebrates the winter harvest of kale, everything is rooted back to the natural world.

This is part of the reason why my path has led to teaching yoga. For me, yoga has been a spiritual-development “coach” that allows me to balance logic and spirit. And that is exactly what yoga is, a logical and spiritual practice. Each asana has physical benefits, but also aides the unforeseen, ethereal bodies.

All of my movement, wandering and nourishing knowledge roots to the balance of the planet – to be strong yet flexible simultaneously.


Tucketts is a reflection of my motto, a fusion between a practical and ethically responsible product. In Seattle, I exercise outdoors. Our weather is unpredictable and Tucketts promotes the warmth yet the freedom for my feet to move on the mat. Light, airy and vibrant, these socks function for every season.  

Kate Symons: Persevere. We’re all challenged by something. 


Kate Symons


If I had to choose one word that has carried me through some of the most challenging moments in my life, it would be perseverance.  It has come to define not only my Pilates practice, but my Pilates instruction as well…and pretty much everything in between. 

I came to Pilates several years ago in the hopes that it would relieve my chronic neck and back discomfort and hopefully introduce me to a fitter lifestyle in the process.  I was pleasantly surprised that it delivered on all accounts.  In fact, I enjoyed my Reformer Pilates classes so much that I decided to become a trained and certified Pilates instructor myself. 

I found Pilates at a time in my life when I was experiencing a great deal of transition.  I was a graduate student embarking on an international move.  Pilates became my outlet for stress, disappointment, and fun.  I was fortunate to have some very talented instructors along the way, and today I’m happy to say that each one has helped to shape me into the instructor I have become. 

I teach Pilates not only because I believe in it’s proven physical benefits, but because it gave me the gift of self confidence during a time when my own was wavering.  Pilates empowered me.  As I grew physically stronger with each Pilates class I took, my self confidence began to thrive.  Yes, I could now hold a plank, but it was more than just what my abs were able to do:  My mind was telling me I could it! 

I wanted to challenge myself and I wanted to succeed.  Now when I teach my clients, I do so to impart self-worth, self-belief, and self-satisfaction.  I want my clients to experience the same personal growth I experienced as a result of my consistent Pilates practice. 

Pilates has introduced to me some of my dearest friends, including Sylvia Ostrowska owner of Pilates By Sylvia in New York City.  I owe my introduction to Tucketts socks all to Sylvia who wears them like the Pilates Queen she is.  Tucketts have improved my Pilates practice by giving me stability when I’m sweating like a beast in a Russian Split on the Reformer, and make my feet look fashionable while doing so!

My Pilates practice has taken me on international adventures and given me a reason to value myself and my own personal strength.  When I teach, I remember that we’re all challenged by something.  Usually we’re fighting with ourselves to achieve an outcome. For me, Pilates is about feeling good.  Sure, I have moments of frustration, disappointment, and defeat, but when I get on a Reformer, all of that dissipates.  I persevere, make it through the workout, and have the benefit of knowing that I do indeed embody strength (even in my weakest moments). 

I am excited to see where my Pilates journey takes me and I’ll happily do it all while wearing a my Tucketts! 

To everyone out there who is going through something…keep going.  You’ll get there. 



Sarah Pitman: Practicing Yoga During Anorexia Recovery

Astrid Rojas1 Comment

Where I’ve been…

Perfection. Control. Two concepts that I struggle with more than anything. I am a perfectionist. I am a control freak. In so many senses of the words. I set impossibly high expectations for myself and for my life. I have an almost impossible time dealing with anything that I classify as “failure”. I am obsessive-compulsive and anxious to no end. Yoga and meditation have given me the ability and the knowledge to deal with these feelings.

Unfortunately, how I also deal and have dealt with these emotions in the past is through controlling my food. I am anorexic. I am in recovery, but I have a hard time accepting or seeing how one could ever be “cured” of this. For me, it is not about body image or body dysmorphia. It is about control. It’s a mind game for me: where are the limits of my body’s ability to survive? Since I am “failing,” I do not deserve nourishment and food. For a long time, these thoughts ruled my everyday living. I spent time in an eating disorder treatment center (some of the most inspiring times of my life) and I have been off and on in therapy and groups.

Ups and downs are a way of life. And through everything we face, we have those around us that will support us and love us no matter what. Probably the single most important influence in my recovery has been my yoga practice. It has allowed me to learn to love my body, it has allowed me to meet a community of souls that inspire me and motivate me every second of every day, it has given me a life focus and I have found my passion.

So where am I now??

The past few months have been harder than I’d like to admit. After a lot of back and forth, I made the decision to quit my full-time job in online marketing. I loved the work, but I was not able to balance my life and I realized that I was using the stress and pressures of work to ignore my eating issues and control. I had lost a significant amount of weight, didn’t want to eat, and my body was suffering. Some days, I couldn’t find the strength or desire to do my usual yoga practice. My body was shutting down. So. It is time for me to face it. Here I am, freaked out, taking time, however selfish I feel it is, out of the corporate world, struggling with how to convince myself that I am doing what I need to be doing right now–taking care of myself–and jumping in. If I do want to spread my love and my passion, it’s only fair that I must first be in the right place and “practice what I preach”, right?

I have often felt sort of like a nomad--no real "home base," always seeking adventure and travel. The only constant in my life that I have found I need is my yoga practice. I don't need much to get by in terms of belongings, but I do need enough space to practice and my yoga mat for grip, which isn't the most portable thing. That was before I found Tucketts. I love Tucketts yoga socks because they give me ultimate freedom: flexibility to truly take my yoga practice wherever I go, whenever I go! I don't have to worry about sliding everywhere. Plus, my feet are always cold, and I am a sock and leg warmers addict--the crazier and brighter, the better. Tucketts are just that! Unique, fun, eco-friendly, and impactful!

I encourage all of us in recovery and those on our journeys to push forward and stay strong. There is help, and often it is in the places you least expect it. I resisted Instagram and social media completely, but then it has given me life again. Thank you all. I love you. You all are MY heroes. Keep shining!  



Entrepreneur Hilary Star de Roy Finds Peace Through Yoga


Life is not a constant. It is always changing, like nature.


My instructor Regina of Gritty Buddha always reminds me of this; of how yoga teaches us to roll with the changes and be fluid. The tighter we hold onto things, the less happy we will be. Not everyday will be a “good day” and that is okay. The days that I practice are the days it is easier to remember these truths.

I feel that everyone could benefit from practicing yoga, but this is a recent revelation for me. I used to be anti-yoga, thinking it was a waste of my valuable time. If I had an hour to spare, I was at the gym, sweating on the treadmill or taking a high impact class like Zumba. I first tried a Vinyasa yoga class 6 months ago when my dear friend opened a studio close to my house in Glen Cove, NY. It left me in a puddle on the floor, in the best way possible!

It didn’t take long before I was hooked. I started breathing deeper, staying calmer when dealing with my kids, husband, and business. I felt more in control of the fact that I really had no control of external sources.


I spent my career in fashion and left the industry to raise my children. When I started my own clothing and accessories business, Royal Native, I struggled with feeling overwhelmed and would get overly stressed out over the fact that it wasn’t growing fast enough and I didn’t have enough time. Yoga has really put things in perspective for me. If I take an hour to myself and practice yoga and breathe, I am able to focus better and work efficiently. The things that don’t really matter fall to the wayside. I have come to realize (although it’s still a struggle sometimes) that what needs to get done will get done. And if I slow down and breathe, life becomes clearer.

One thing that always distracted me while practicing yoga was the fact that my feet slipped when I was in certain poses. Tucketts made me so much more comfortable and therefore able to stay in the moment and remember to breathe. I love the cute stripes too! As a fellow female entrepreneur and business owner, I love supporting small sustainable women-run companies as much as possible.

My advice to those new to the practice is: Keep with it when you are starting out! Even if it is 5 minutes a day, stretch and breathe and do it again the next day. Also find a teacher that you connect with, it makes all the difference!


Shree Vella: Inspiring Instagram's Yoga Community

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Shree Vella has been practicing yoga for the past 7 years. One year ago, she made it part of her daily routine and started to practice with full determination and dedication.

“Yoga has changed my life for the better. I feel excited and motivated everyday, and just love doing and studying yoga all the time! Being a yoga instructor is so rewarding and awesome!”

Armed with experience from the photography world, having worked as a freelance wedding and portrait photographer for the past 7 years, she has created a beautiful instagram account called @shreeyoga where she posts pictures of her progress and practice, inspiring yogis and people from all around the world.

She also uses the community platform to graciously accept the support that the Instagram yoga community can offer. Hosting yoga challenges keeps her very busy and creative, and inspires a community of individuals to practice particular poses all together!

She often poses in her Tucketts yoga socks and proclaims, “They are just the best socks!” Most recently, we sponsored her #SocksandTeesYogis yoga challenge and loved seeing beautiful yoginis pose in our gorgeous knee highs while hundreds of community members played along.

Her advice for others about finding inner peace through barefoot workouts is: “Keep trying and working on your goals. Practice and all is coming.” There are no limits!

“After I had my daughter in 2008, I felt like I needed to get into fitness to regain my body and confidence.” It made perfect sense to her that she should undertake yoga teacher training and start to teach immediately, and that’s exactly what she did! She teaches yoga at a local Australian high school and teaches her own class twice a week at a beautiful, breezy venue. With a year of teaching experience and fully insured and certified, there is nothing stopping her from completing her dream of becoming a full time yoga instructor!