Shree Vella: Inspiring Instagram's Yoga Community

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Shree Vella has been practicing yoga for the past 7 years. One year ago, she made it part of her daily routine and started to practice with full determination and dedication.

“Yoga has changed my life for the better. I feel excited and motivated everyday, and just love doing and studying yoga all the time! Being a yoga instructor is so rewarding and awesome!”

Armed with experience from the photography world, having worked as a freelance wedding and portrait photographer for the past 7 years, she has created a beautiful instagram account called @shreeyoga where she posts pictures of her progress and practice, inspiring yogis and people from all around the world.

She also uses the community platform to graciously accept the support that the Instagram yoga community can offer. Hosting yoga challenges keeps her very busy and creative, and inspires a community of individuals to practice particular poses all together!

She often poses in her Tucketts yoga socks and proclaims, “They are just the best socks!” Most recently, we sponsored her #SocksandTeesYogis yoga challenge and loved seeing beautiful yoginis pose in our gorgeous knee highs while hundreds of community members played along.

Her advice for others about finding inner peace through barefoot workouts is: “Keep trying and working on your goals. Practice and all is coming.” There are no limits!

“After I had my daughter in 2008, I felt like I needed to get into fitness to regain my body and confidence.” It made perfect sense to her that she should undertake yoga teacher training and start to teach immediately, and that’s exactly what she did! She teaches yoga at a local Australian high school and teaches her own class twice a week at a beautiful, breezy venue. With a year of teaching experience and fully insured and certified, there is nothing stopping her from completing her dream of becoming a full time yoga instructor!