We are very grateful for being able to take an idea and make it into a business. Since Tucketts™ was born we have been looking for ways to make a positive impact.   From day one we wanted to make sure our business reaches communities beyond yoga, pilates and other fitness studios.

Our partner organization, Move This World, is helping us to make this dream come true: building peace within the individual in order to build peaceful communities. Every pair of Tucketts you buy supports their work: ENGAGING THE POWER OF CREATIVITY TO REDUCE FEAR, BUILD TRUST, AND DEVELOP HUMAN POTENTIAL.

As Move This World explains: "The act of creative expression inspires, empowers and unlocks the potential within every person. By tapping into each individual’s creative potential, Move This World helps people understand, express, engage and manage their emotions healthily. Supported by the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education and the Collaborative of Academic and Social and Emotional Learning, our programs have a solid grounding in research and are measured and evaluated through a data driven approach. We cultivate individuals’ wellness, forming the basis for healthy communities. We have trained 2,000 adults and impacted over 20,000 youth over 4 continents". www.movethisworld.org 

Come Move This World with us! There are multiples ways to participate in this initiative:

  • Buy a pair of Tucketts™ and we make a donation on your behalf
  • If you want to contribute even more, make an extra donation directly to Move This World
  • Share your ideas and skills.