Tucketts manufactures the only high-performance grip socks for barefoot workouts that completely retain the barefoot sensations of connection, freedom, and balance, with the added comfort and stability of a grip sock.  

Our signature toeless Pilates socks are truly the result of artistic innovation. With comfort, style, and functionality in mind, we designed these grip socks for Pilates, barre, yoga, martial arts, and other barefoot fitness activities you may enjoy doing.  

If you love the feeling of being barefoot but don’t want to worry about slipping, our toeless grip socks are the perfect solution. The elastic gives you the support you need, the grippers provide a slip-free surface area, and the open toe design helps you balance. Ready to feel the difference? Shop our complete line of toeless Pilates socks today! 


Toe-free design  -  Non-slip grips  -  Fitted Heel  -  Variety of colors and patterns    

One size fits most    


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We believe people come first
and that the balance of body and mind
of an individual build peaceful communities

As you're gaining extra balance by wearing a pair of Tucketts, someone will get to
balance their body and mind through our Tucketts for Peace Initiative.

Tucketts is the result of a combination of passions and beliefs: barefoot workouts,  following nature,
love for colorful socks, sustainability, and helping  people make a positive impact.