Anklet Grip Socks

Searching for non-slip anklet socks? Our ankle grip socks are designed for all types of barefoot exercises. With the dual benefit of traction and circulation, your toes will have full mobility, which will allow you to be more stable. This will make you feel more secure in your movements, especially when making minor balance adjustments. You’ll get all the support you need from a compression-style sock without worrying about the possibility of slipping. Unlike other yoga socks that separate or cover the toes completely, we provide separation between the first two toes only, leaving the others free to grasp the mat and make balance adjustments. No matter if you’re headed to your weekly Pilates class or if you’ve decided to venture out into martial arts, our non-slip ankle socks offer you the arch support you need while still maintaining a barefoot feeling. See for yourself, and rock your next workout in a cute pair of anklet grip socks from Tucketts!

Classic Black
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Moli Grey/Pink
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