The best of 2018 (and a hint of what’s to come)

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Another year comes to an end and like so many others we can not help but reflect on Tucketts’ 2018 journey. Looking back on previous years and making promises for the year to come, a practice commonly known as making New Year’s resolutions, is something that dates back further than ancient Roman times. It’s a practice that has given major civilizations like the Romans, Babylonians, and early Christians, a chance to examine mistakes and celebrate accomplishments. New Year’s resolutions give people an opportunity to stop and deeply look at how far they’ve come and exactly where they want to head. This is no different for the Tucketts family.

If 2017 was a good year for Tucketts, 2018 was amazing! Our women-owned and operated business is so grateful and proud for everything we’ve accomplished in 2018 that we wanted to take a moment to share some of our favorite highlights.

We Nurtured Our Company


In 2018 we focused time, energy, and intention on making sure the framework of Tucketts became more solid. First and foremost, we made increasing the quality of our toeless socks a top priority. As a result, 2018 led to the best quality socks we have ever made. It also led to us creating a “one-size-fits-most” design that covers more sizes (women sizes 5.5-10).

Next, we went further in making Tucketts toeless socks more sustainable and environmentally friendly and worked on building our relationship with our manufacturer. By focusing on these things, our relationship with our manufacturer flourished as the factory had its best year. Finally, the very impact of our business grew, and continues to grow, in ways we never expected. All of these very intentional practices just make us want to work harder to be the best business we absolutely can be.  

We Grew in More Ways than One

This past year was also a time of major growth for Tucketts toeless socks! The Tucketts team also grew, adding 2 new businesswomen to the roster of talented Tucketts women...and they’re rocking it!

We also launched more collections this year than ever before, and because of this we were thrilled to welcome more loyal customers. Also, we received more 5-star reviews on our collections than years passed, which means we’re making thousands of feet happy!

Finally, our growth has resulted in more sales and more inventory selling out quicker than ever before. Also, Tucketts toeless socks are popping up in activities we never expected, like pole dancing, aqua gyms, and cozy sleeping! Our customer relationships mean the world to us, and seeing our product on people all over the world is a dream come true.

We Reached Philanthropic (and Personal) New Heights


As all of our loyal customers know, giving back is an essential part of the Tucketts way of life. This year, our donations to Dunna and the peace program increased. Their program has also grown stronger and stronger in helping women and men recover from the violence and struggles of war. We are proud that the purchases made by our customers can help people use yoga and other forms of movement as a tool for reconciliation.

Our CEO, Paola Shah, also modeled the company’s beliefs in making dreams come true by accomplishing a lifelong dream of her own...being a part of an amazing trip to the Everest Base Camp!

Looking to 2019

We are so grateful for the past year, and each and everyone of YOU, that we can’t wait to start a new year! In the coming year, we plan to continue to focus on increasing the quality of our products to be the best at what we do. We also plan to continue to give back to causes we believe in, research to become even more sustainable and environmentally conscious, and bring you more unique collections. We hope our toeless socks will be a motivation for you to give the best of yourself in your favorite barefoot activities.

We wish all of you a very happy New Year!

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions? Tell us in the comments below and tag us in your pics!!


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